5 Types of Railway Advertising Campaigns That You Can Opt For

Railway Advertising Campaigns

5 Types of Railway Advertising Campaigns That You Can Opt For

November 5, 2022

Due to massive technological developments, the advertising industry has revolutionized at an incredible speed. Advertising agencies, today, provide businesses with various different types of advertisements to choose from. Some of the most popular choices include airport advertising, railway advertising, and mall advertising. However, among these outdoor advertising campaigns, railway advertising has become widely popular. In fact, being the leading railway advertising agency in Tripura, we have seen that more and more business owners are investing in railway advertising. Why so? Well, that’s because it’s the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to achieve high visibility in a considerably short time. Hence, if you want to increase brand awareness and drive sales, opting for railway advertising can be a perfect choice.

When it comes to railway advertising, there are various types of campaigns that your business can utilize. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most popular advertising campaigns.

Top 5 Types of Railway Advertising Campaigns That You Can Opt For

Here are some of the most popular types of railway advertising campaigns that are widely used by businesses for marketing and promotional activities.

  1. Billboard

    A billboard is one of the most sought-after types of campaigns used for advertising purposes. These large posters have been used since the early 19th century, and have remained a popular form of outdoor advertising ever since. They are often situated in and around train stations to grab the traveler’s attention. Billboards are not only available in all kinds of sizes but also offer advertisers and marketers a wide range of flexibility in their campaigns.

    So should you want to reach your targeted consumers, using billboards to promote your services or products can be very useful. In case you are looking for a reputable railway advertising agency in Agartala that can provide the best billboards, contact Supreme Media. From static and mobile to digital, we offer a wide range of billboards to choose from.
  2. Backlit Diorama

    It’s another effective way to convey your message to the audience and engage them to see your ad. Due to their readability, effectiveness, and most importantly, affordability, backlit diorama ads are gaining huge popularity. Some of the businesses that can successfully use backlit diorama ads include banks, restaurants, hospitals, coffee shops, malls, and retail stores among others.
  3. Interior Car Card

    As a premier railway advertising agency in Tripura, we always recommend our clients to use interior car card ads for their marketing and promotional activities. An interior car card is a type of campaign that includes advertisements placed inside the train itself. It is an effective way to reach passengers who are already riding on the train. Whether you want a larger horizontal format or a smaller vertical format, interior car card ads are available in different sizes and can be one of the most affordable options to promote your business.
  4. LED Ads

    LED ads have shown substantial growth in recent years. They display a brand’s static or video-based advertisement with high-definition graphics. Added to that, they have dynamic and lively displays that can grab the attention of passengers and increase brand awareness.
  5. Urban Panel

    Placed at or outside the entrance of a station, urban panels can be seen from far away. Much like wall art, urban panels are designed to capture commuters’ attention. They can target a specific demographic to develop ultimate brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

Railway advertising campaigns offer a wide reach and can help to grab the attention of customers. If you want to set up an advertising campaign and are looking for the best railway advertising agency in Tripura, get in touch with the team at Supreme Media. Our team provides a wide range of advertising services and will also guide you to select the suitable campaign that perfectly fits your budget and preference.

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