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When it comes to shopping, many advertisers enjoy the prime visibility that varying types of mall advertising provides. The most popular form of mall advertising is kiosks. It’s the next best thing to point-of-purchase advertising. Beyond kiosks, malls are going high tech with digital screens placed near escalators and elevators to gain the attention of a captive audience. As a mall advertising agency in Agartala, we know that an advertiser’s imagination is the only limitation for mall advertising. From wrapped escalator steps and handrails to floor graphics, hanging banners and brand ambassadors, you can promote your brand, product or service to thousands


  • Mall Advertising reaches consumers at, or just before point of purchase. 
  • Mall Advertising offers the ability to target consumers who are in the “buying mode.”
  • Eye popping, full color backlit displays can deliver a clear and dramatic advertising message.
  • Mall displays are typically positioned at eye level, in a clean & uncluttered environment.


Campaigns can be targeted by geographic or demographic criteria. In some cases, an advertiser can dominate a specific area of the mall by using a combination of advertising formats. Ads typically positioned in high traffic, line-of-sight locations such as entrances, food court areas and walkways. By hiring a mall advertising agency in Agartala, you can localize your message, concentrating on your best prospects, minimizing waste. 


Directories and Backlit Displays

  • Sky banner
  • Escalator Wraps
  • Wall Murals
  • Elevator Panels
  • Food Court
  • Floor Graphics
  • Door Clings
  • Displays
  • Sampling/Street Teams


Why Cinema Advertising?

  • Captive Audience: 100% focus on advertising communication.
  • Focused Target Group Profiling: Genre of the movie determines the audience.
  • Unmatched Impact: In terms of screen size and projection clarity.
  • Audio-Visual quality : High Definition Audio and Visual Quality
  • Zero Wastage: Ads are only displayed onscreen once the audience is in.
  • Higher Attention Span: Consumer is at leisure and more amenable to the advertising communication.
  • Variety of advertising options: Multiple advertising opportunities to effectively Target the consumer at various touch points from entry to exit.

Why Advertise Via Supreme Media Advertising?

Supreme Media Advertising has India’s premiere Advertising Agency with a pan India presence. Besides attracting a premium and upscale clientele with spending power, Supreme Media Advertising has succeeded in creating ideal spaces for high-impact advertising that engages our customer. As a reputed mall advertising agency in Tripura, our network of successfully running Advertising Solutions across India provides advertisers with a nationwide reach making, an advertising opportunity that one simply cannot afford to miss. 


A multitude of advertising options within the property enable you to not only capture the eyeballs of your target group in an ambient environment, but also help in enhancing the imagery of your brand.

Some of the advertising options you could explore are:

  • Onscreen audio-visuals / static slides
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Ticket jackets
  • Flex backlit standees
  • Poster cases
  • Lift branding
  • Hoardings
  • Popcorn box branding
  • Seat flaps
  • Seat Jackets
  • Glass Frontage Branding
  • Banners & Dropdowns
  • Box office posters
  • Movie schedules
  • And many more prominent options


Integrated Marketing Solutions are also available – Branding of Lobby / seat rest / Car Parking / Canteens / Cafeteria / Tickets etc.

For your customized advertising solution, please get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in mall advertising?

Shopping malls are popular among people of all ages and are, hence, can be an excellent place to promote your brand. In fact, as the daily average foot traffic at shopping malls is higher than in any other location, it can be a great way to reach your target audience within the minimum time possible. Using advertising options like a backlit display, you can make shoppers pause and notice your advertisement. It will help you improve brand recognition, build traffic, and drive sales. Added to that, as mall advertising is location-based, you can easily target the local audience by molding the advertisement as per their preferences and needs.

What advertising options do you offer?

As a reputable mall advertising agency in Agartala, we offer a wide range of advertising options. Some of these include hoardings, flyers, flex backlit standees, banners, and more. They include striking visuals like animation, distinct colors, and unique typography to connect with people. Moreover, if you are considering using banners, we have a variety of outdoor banners for you to choose from. They are made of high-quality materials, such as polyester or nylon blend, that are both functional and durable. Moreover, each of our materials is printed using a cutting-edge printing process called sublimation. The process of sublimated printing not only helps produce extremely beautiful colours but also enhances the colour’s durability, allowing it to last longer.

Can you help me create a successful mall advertising campaign?

Of course. Having more than 10 years of experience in the advertising industry, we strive to provide the best services to create campaigns that align with our client’s objectives. Our team comprises well-experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of market trends, target audiences, and competition to create effective strategies. Added to that, we also provide regular reports and analytics to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of the campaigns.

What does your multiplex/theatre advertising service include?

Renowned as the leading mall advertising agency in Tripura, we offer the best multiplex/theatre advertising services at competitive rates. From ticket jackets and ox office posters to banners and dropdowns, we use a variety of advertising options to effectively promote brands, products, or services to a captive audience within a cinema or multiplex setting. Further, to ensure that the brand message reaches the audience, we showcase advertisements on the big screen before the movie begins, display them on digital screens or static posters in the lobby or entrance area, as well as on movie tickets or ticket holders.

Do you offer customisation?

Yes, we do. We provide customised advertising campaigns to suit the needs of the business or organization. Our team not only uses different strategies, methods, and techniques to keep you on par with your competitors but also employs the best marketing tools to create customised designs that reflect your mission statement. So, whether you want to promote a new product, announce a sale, or invite people to an event, we will provide you with the perfect marketing tool that can effectively communicate your message.