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Supreme Media & Communication is a leading INS Accredited advertising agency with a Supreme Media Advertising is a leading INS Accredited advertising agency with a strong presence in Eastern India. The defining ethos for Supreme Media Advertising is the firm belief in the value of brands and the important role they play in consumers’ lives. It has consistently deployed effective print media advertising and other marketing tools to achieve its objectives.

As an agency that believes in adopting a 360-degree approach for its clients Supreme Media & Communication has made a name for itself as a print media advertising agency. As an agency that believes in adopting a 360-degree approach for its clients Supreme Media Advertising has made a name for itself as a print media advertising agency. Supreme Media Advertising undertakes diverse assignment on ad conceptualizing/ designing/ release of the ad materials in all major and minor publications in Eastern India. Miscellaneous print & publicity assignments such as designing, developing and printing of POPs/ Posters / Brochures / Profiles / Catalogues and other corporate communication requirements are also undertaken on package / individual basis. Also, our flex printing services in Agartala is aimed at promoting brands especially through outdoor adverting.


A corporate or an organization has a particular character which it uses to relate to its target group. The identity is the public image, which is the most important asset to develop a relationship with its customers or audiences. We form your image which matches the best with your product or service and help you explain yourself better, hence consolidating a perfect brand image.


Analyzing target audience, keeping abreast of media developments, reading market trends and understanding motivations of consumers –Supreme Media Advertising does it all. Now you don’t have to think how to negotiate with the space providers. Our media planning strategy not only supports message dissemination but also answers the big question, ‘WHY HERE’! Be it broadcast, print media, outdoor planning, in-store displays, barters and tie ups with synergizing brands, online marketing, or a blog – whatever you need to flaunt the character of your product, we are there to help you out. 


We help you in the knowledge of your target group, consumer behavior, media, and the criteria used to measure the value of Print media advertising. We purchase the right spot as per your requirements strictly within the deadline. 


As the name suggests we are experts in the genre of creativity. Creativity is oxygen to advertising. It is the tool that generates hype among the masses. We boost up the sales through our flex printing services in Tripura where the unmatched creativity of our expert team of graphic designers and visualizers help get your audience’s attention. Our designs simply follow one trend – uniqueness that makes an impact. 


Design is the creative resonance of ideas & images and their expression in a variety of media. We turn strategy into visual expression into market success. The purpose of design is to support the brand strategy by being the ‘face’ of it. The science behind our designs is to ensure that every single touch point that the brand uses to interact with its audiences is created to offer an integrated experience. Right from conceiving your brand colors’ and customizing & creating your brand logo to designing your stationery collaterals and promotional articles we take up everything leaving you with more freedom. 


Supreme Media helps you to pre-visualize your project. We create designs for all type of businesses like in product and realty state. At Supreme Media, you will get unique and quality work of 3D Designs. Our dedicated team of highly skilled 3d artists uses specialized 3D software & applications to create a variety of 3D models in several 3d Graphics Projects. Our 3D Graphics professional add their creativity and technology in best ways to generate what’s hot and trendy in the current times. And we deliver what we promised we would. 


The financial performance of your company and company’s activities during the year and scanned through the annual reports. We conceptualize and design your annual reports to present your company best in front of your stakeholders. 


Looking for an inexpensive, persistent communication tool to be in touch with your clients? At Supreme Media Advertising, we develop newsletters and corporate magazines for your company that communicate to your audience. Newsletters are not only affordable, but fast as well. You can update your clients on new products and offers and keep them engaged without really questioning the ROIs. They are also interactive, integrated, easily adaptable, and trackable. The possibilities are endless, and with our expertise, you can go on. 


A full-color brochure or catalog designed by Supreme Media Advertising is the professional way to showcase your business and products. Brochures can be used to build a professional image for your company, promote an event, update your product specifications, and introduce “NEW” products to market. The custom designed brochures and catalogs we produce will distinguish your Company and give you an advantage over your competition. The image that you present to your potential customers can be the key to your brand’s success. 


Direct mail is the high profit, low-cost advertising medium. By integrating Direct Mail into your overall marketing campaign, you can target your customers one to one, while reinforcing your existing marketing efforts. It has the capability to reach to the maximum people and is the most reliable source of marketing today. 


Posters are the most used method to promote a brand, its events, launch, market ventures and ideas to the prospects. The art department at Supreme Media Advertising is aware of the fact that a poster design can carry your brand to unbelievable distances. That’s why our flex printing services in Agartala makes sure to bring your ideas to the people through eye-catching graphic representations. Our customized concepts of posters with the ever innovative visuals and graphical representations have been appreciated time and again. With corporate identity in view, we aim at the fact that your poster conveys the exact purpose of its design. 


In today’s extremely competitive retail market, you only have one chance to make a first impression. The first thing that many of your customers will see from your company will be your product packaging. Make that first impression last with a custom design that will capture their attention immediately. Supreme Media & Communication can conceptualize innovative product packaging and design specialized graphics that add to your brand identity, create awareness, and maximize sales and market share.


Labeling and jackets are a very important part of packaging. It establishes your company and product and presents it to the customers. Supreme Media & Communication has a long experience in handling various clients in designing CD and DVD jackets and inlays. This plays a significant role in presenting your product in an exclusive manner. The final outcome which directly connects to your consumers, they need to be catchy and appealing. So go for the experts and make your product stand-out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years of experience do you have?

As a reputable media advertising agency in Tripura, we have more than 15 years of experience in the advertising industry. We will not only provide you with effective campaigns to expand your reach but will also help you recognise and address problems quickly. Moreover, having extensive experience in the industry, our team knows every single technique, method, and strategy to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors. We will use the best marketing tools to create unique designs that reflect your mission statement.

Do you provide flex printing services?

Yes. As a leading media advertising agency, we offer the best flex printing services in Agartala. Our flex banners are extremely lightweight and resistant to adverse weather conditions. You can also use them for outdoor advertising as they can be easily recolored using high-tech industrial printers and customised according to your business requirements. Some of the most popular types of flex banners that we create include front-lit, back-lit, block-out, and black/grey back flex banners, among others. By choosing our flex printing services, you can customise the banners according to your needs to ensure maximum visibility for your brand. Added to that, you can also magnify, alter, and even compress the visuals as per the availability of the space.

What type of industries do you work with?

We work with a wide range of industries to help them reach potential consumers. We use various targeted advertising strategies, and media channels, as well as create impactful campaigns to showcase the services or products of various businesses and increase brand awareness. From hospitals, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies to food delivery services, beverage brands, and food manufacturers, we assist businesses in crafting advertising strategies that inform, educate, and promote their services and products to their desired demographic, helping them drive foot traffic and increase sales.

Do you have a portfolio?

Yes. If you want to know about our services, revenue, and track record, you can go through our portfolio. This will help you understand the kinds of industries we have worked with. As a reputable and experienced outdoor advertising agency in Agartala, we always have satisfied customers and a strong track record.

How often will you update me?

As we all know, advertising is a time-consuming process, and the stress associated with it can be doubled if there is no communication between you and your agency. Hence, to provide you with a stress-free experience, our team members always try to stay in regular contact with clients and keep them updated on the campaigns.