Electronic Media

Supreme Media & Communication has gradually emerged as a few of the company that has set up a benchmark in the world of market. It is unreservedly true that the second most valuable media aspect is electronic media which has till now no substitute to it. Media has opened new dimensions in learning that has gone beyond everything. Electronic media embraces certain basic thing without which our life is incomplete. Television, radio, internet, communication aspects and phases etc are all the part of it.

The sole objective of our company is advertising and marketing. For this, our company gives its client an opportunity for rising up the trademark and sponsor up their brand in much awaited way. The newly developed technology has become so hyped that it has become a means to life. Electronic media embrace televisions and radio which is very much prominent means of communication and advertising. Supreme Media & Communication serves as a platform for smaller as well as bigger companies and provide them its individualization and homage.


Radio is a blind medium. It can give pleasure to our ears through the words and music. It is one of the old medium of advertising. We are creating good, effective, effectual and ear-catching advertisements which get results. We are doing on-show promotion, tag promotion for our clients and also making rhyming jingles. Radio advertising has numerous benefits besides being economical. Get your product advertised by airing it a multiple times in a day to reach and get noticed by all the targeted customers. Radio advertising is one of the simplest means of advertising if we compare it with other ways of promoting the product. With just simple script and convincing voice you have all that needs to reach out to the consumers throughout the day in a very small budget. You can reach about 95 percentage of city’s population by advertising via radio during the prime time that is morning and evening when it is the drive time. With presence of FM stations, this kind of advertising is mobile as one can reach the customers be they are shopping, or are at gym, driving or are eating out. We at Supreme Media, take care of providing the entire package to manage all your advertising needs on air


Supreme Media & Communication prides itself in allowing you to access the right models for you Ad films or print ads. We have a large selection of male, female and child model portfolios to help you make a choice. Our modeling services dovetail into your project with seamless efficiency.

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Digital Marketing

Supreme Media & Communication is a team of expert internet marketing strategists, and executioners that come with 8 years of experience in the field of web promotions. Our platter of clients consider us to be the one stop shop for all their online promotions requirement and are particularly happy with the results of our email marketing, Social Network Website marketing, & All Kinds Of Mobile & Digital Marketing strategies.
We welcome you to come test our customized services which are sure to play a supportive role to the success of your internet marketing plans.