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Advertising with flex posters placed inside and outside of auto rickshaw is one of the popular ad mediums. As an experienced banner advertising agency in Tripura, we can tell you it’s cheap and covers lots of eyeball. Auto rickshaw travel in whole city having not any fixed route. So, campaign covers attention from whole city. Auto rickshaw travels 24×7, which also gives it a plus point. 

Some unique benefit of this medium

  • The most affordable outdoor medium.
  • Effective reach amongst 8-to-80 year olds.
  • This mobile hoarding maneuvers into even those areas which other vehicles cannot reach!
  • Autos stay in prime locations in search of customers, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand.
  • The best feature: the entire traffic conspires to become your captive audience, especially at traffic junctions where people need something to read while waiting!
  • Unlike hoardings which are static, an auto travels to every nook & corner of the city.
  • Hoardings at prime locations are expensive whereas autos carry your brand even there!
  • The driver cleans the auto every day. In contrast, hoardings are left unattended, unguarded & uncleaned.

It’s time to change your mindset

  • No ordinary autos – specially modified, using high quality Fiber Reinforced Plastic body. 
  • Contrary to perception, an auto is not a poor man’s taxi. Used by the masses and classes alike – Salman Khan included! 
  • BUT your target audiences are the millions of men, women and children on the road, in their Indicas/BMWs, on their Bajaj’s, in buses/taxis/ rickshaws… they cannot miss the branded autos even if they tried! 


  • Travels 150 kms a day
  • Up to 20 hours on road, 7 days a week
  • Being a dynamic medium, number of audience cannot be ascertained. Unwritten code of ethics prevents us from putting out a huge imaginary number


We are the SOLE Concessionaires for Branding on City Bus in Agartala City authorized by TRTC. Being a leading banner advertising agency in Agartala, we ensure that branding on City Buses is done using the latest technology of see-through which helps both the branding and the passengers inside the bus. Currently we operate 38 Buses across the city on specific routes.

Bus Branding Benefits

  • A mobile medium that offers wider coverage than any other outdoor media 
  • Moving Billboard captures attention and creates greater impact. 
  • Bus branding is big, omnipresent and communicate tirelessly, carrying brand messages direct to the street and constantly seeking out new audiences. 
  • Single formats that meet specific requirements for branding on glass surface of the whole bus bus reaches the people where other Medias cannot reach. 
  • Bus branding can be exclusively used for Product launches due to its sheer penetration into areas where other Medias cannot penetrate. 

Why Supreme Media Bus-Advertising?

  • We are an experienced billboard and bus banner advertising agency in Agartala. We know what works and what doesn’t. We are the SOLE Concessionaries for this medium in Agartala.
  • We offer International quality branding and unmatched customer service to all our clients. 
  • Excellent routes and reach to various sections of the society. 
  • One-stop service encompassing media planning, design, production and installation services that saves time and effort. 

Mobile Van

Available with us is pristine Mobile Van, which is designed using high grade raw material. Easy to use, these mobile can be conveniently cleaned and maintained. Owing to their remarkable features such as light weight, sturdy construction and systematic drainage system, these vans are suitable for various occasions and social gatherings. 

MMobile Van Advertising is one of the effective ways of reaching mass audience quickly. 

Mobile Van Advertising

As a leading banner advertising agency in Tripura, we are always thinking different when it comes to promoting the brand of our clients. Mobile van advertising allows advertisers the flexibility to be seen in a variety of locations as well as the option to display different messages – achieving greater market reach and a tactical presence. Maximum visibility and impact are realized through their dominant size and the ability to customize the layout. 

We can deliver your message to a vast number of people quickly and efficiently. A message can be targeted to your audience in varying ways throughout the day – from going to work, coming to home, out shopping, relaxing, working out or visiting friends and family etc. 

Mobile Van Advertising is one of the effective ways of reaching mass audience quickly.