How Can Using Hoardings in Shopping Malls be Beneficial?

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How Can Using Hoardings in Shopping Malls be Beneficial?

May 5, 2023

Nowadays, people are so much more conscious of the clothing, food, and accessories they adorn themselves with. And it’s safe to assume that most people who visit a shopping mall intend to buy something. So, in case a company wants to promote its services, market a new product, or receive feedback from customers before launching a new product, shopping malls can be the perfect platform for them to engage with potential customers. All you have to do is reach out to a reliable advertising agency and choose the right marketing tool that can effectively reach your target audience. A reputable mall advertising agency in Agartala or elsewhere will create engaging ad campaigns to help you promote your business.

While banners and glow boards are still widely used in shopping malls for branding and advertising purposes, more and more companies are gravitating towards digital hoardings. In this blog, we have narrowed down some of the top beneficial aspects of using hoardings in shopping malls.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Hoardings in Shopping Malls

Hoardings can be seen from a distance, which increases the possibility of being seen by a large number of people. Read on to learn more about their beneficial aspects.

Offer Enhanced Visibility

As malls have a high volume of foot traffic, placing hoardings there offers a high level of visibility and opens up marketing opportunities. This not only ensures that your message is seen by a large number of people but also leads to increased brand recognition and awareness.

Should you want to promote your brand in or around Tripura, you can easily do that by contacting Supreme Media. As a reputed mall advertising agency in Tripura, we offer a variety of advertising options, such as digital backlit boards, escalator branding, roll-up standees, median banners, elevator branding, and more, to reach your intended target audience.

Target Your Potential Customers

One of the best things about hoardings is that you can attract a specific audience with a single marketing strategy in shopping malls. All you have to do is place them strategically in areas where your target audience is likely to spend time, to ensure your message reaches them.

Did you know, you can customise your hoardings to suit your specific requirements and preferences? You can choose from a wide range of colours, designs, and fonts, to create hoardings that stand out from the crowd and communicate your message effectively.

Provide 24/7 Exposure

Hoardings provide exposure to your message 24/7, which increases the likelihood that it will be seen and remembered. This also means that even when the mall is closed, the hoarding will continue to promote your message to potential customers passing by.
Should you want to make the most of hoarding advertising, it’s best to hire a professional advertising agency. A reputable mall advertising agency in Agartala or elsewhere will provide you with the best hoardings and also advise you on the best materials.

Increase Conversion Rates

Should you want to increase conversion rates, investing in hoardings can be a wise decision. When your target audience is exposed to your message repeatedly, they are more likely to take action, such as visiting your website or making a purchase. You can also include a call to action to encourage your potential customers to take action.


When compared to other forms of advertising, using hoardings in shopping malls is not only cost-effective but also provides a good return on investment. They are made from high-quality materials that are durable and can be used for a long time.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that mall advertising is one of the most successful and effective ways to reach a demographically targeted audience. And with the help of well-designed hoardings, you can advertise your business in shopping malls 24/7 and increase brand awareness. So, should you be searching for a reliable mall advertising agency in Agartala that designs the best hoardings, get in touch with Supreme Media. With more than 10 years of experience in the advertising industry, we offer the best advertising solutions at competitive rates.

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